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Last Updated:  07/11/2018

Simon Zobel   Life Sciences


Berlin-based Graduate Engineer, degree in Life Sciences and Engineering.

Additional qualification in Media and Communications. Postgraduate training in Public Relations.

Multilingual. French and German Native Speaker. English very well.

Romance and Scandinavian languages understood.

European as well as international networking and activities. Open to projects and business throughout Europe.

Objectives, skills and disposability


• Teaching, (University) Lecturing as well as educational events; conferences and (scientific, technological or interdisciplinary) exhibitions.

•  Arts & Science.

• Combining creativity and flexibility, affecting the accuracy of engineers‘ estimates in proceedings.

• Secure, dexterous communication skills, possessing attitude and demeanor in handling with municipalities and governments, high administration, state institutes, universitarian institutes, national and international companies, as well as the media.

• Experienced in exhibitions, media, radio, film and television. Stress-resistance in event management.

• Comprehensive computer skills & information technology. Working with desktop publishing applications and image processing such as Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and many others. Working with film and animation. Books, digital and print media.

• Multilingual.

• Well networked but disposable and independant. Dedicated project management.

• Flexible in time. Open to projects and business throughout Europe and abroad.

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